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Do the Dead Dissapear?

The time I am most mentally productive just so happens to be the time when I ought to be concentrating on haling/ dodging speeding cars. Funny how the mind works really.

Having  hitch-hiked the breadth of our fair country today, with a greater emphasis on the hiked aspect of it.  Unsurprisingly that left me with a lot of time to have a wee muse to myself. (While simultaneously becoming a connoisseur of roadside beauty.) Not least when I stumbled across this tiny little churchyard with some of the oldest and strangest stones I have seen in all of my years of skulking about angstily in graveyards. It got me thinking about the sentimental side of death, and actually realigned some of my previous thoughts on the subject to the extent that I had to whip out my laptop to scrawl down some notes.

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Well then, now that I have sat down and had a brew, I feel physically and mentally prepared to write a wee bitty on something that I have been thinking about over the weekend, and for a while in general. That is the role of emotion in our lives, and how it relates to the process of rational thought. Sounds interesting no?

Oh just me then?

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Is Realism the New Pessimism?


Well no, probably not, but I do have a few things to say on the subject, and I would be interested to hear if others had come to similar conclusions. As this is the first actual posting here on PM, I would like it to shine as a fabulous example of the sort of rubbish that we will all hopefully be waffling on about in the near future.

Too often I hear people using the word realism as an excuse for a lack of motivation. As a sort of buffer between their ideals and their actions. I worry that this type of attitude could have grave consequences for us, for the planet, for business, for everything really.

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Hello all of you beautiful potential readers. I wish you all the fondest welcome to Polite Musings. The plan is for this humble shell of a blog to become a repository for our vast and varied collected wisdom. I envision a free place of expression, learning and sharing, just the way it ought to be. We all have a lot going on upstairs, and it is a dreadful waste for it to stay there! (Apart from that. That can stay up there.)

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