Contributing to PM is a very simple process. Honest!

It is pretty much a case of setting up a wordpress account which you can do here

(When asked about your blog name and whatnot, you needn’t worry about it, any old gibberish will do, unless you are feeling like setting up your own blog at the same time.)

While it is not strictly necessary, you might like to pick up a copy of Windows live writer, which can be downloaded for free here. This is a blog centered word processor which allows for lots of useful and time saving functions. However posting to Polite Musing can be done entirely online.

When you have all done that, send me (Seymour) an Email at, and I will set you up as a contributor, and your beautiful face will appear with the rest of us by the side of the blog. From there you are ready to pour your mind directly onto the internet. I have some fairly lenient formatting standards (which I will make clear when you email me.), but other than that, you are free to teach us whatever you have under your hat!

Looking forward to hearing from you!