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Returning to PM again after a not altogether brief hiatus stemming from a move to the big city, everyone’s favourite blogger, Me, returns to the forefront of the popular consciousness to tackle the big issues facing todays society, and to offer the long awaited cure all answers to modern day conundrums.

Not really. I have just gotten a few thoughts together that I would like to share on a topic that is very close to my heart. (And lungs.) Namely smoking. The burning of dried leaves and poisonous chemicals for the purpose of inhalation through the mouth. Many of us do it; I do it (But don’t tell my Mum.) Dot Cotton does it, but it appears to me to be an issue which society is entirely conflicted about. Is it bad for you? (Yes) Is it addictive? (Yes) Should non-smokers have to breath our dirty smoke? (No) and most importantly, does it make you look cool? (Yes)

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The Role of Emotion


Well then, now that I have sat down and had a brew, I feel physically and mentally prepared to write a wee bitty on something that I have been thinking about over the weekend, and for a while in general. That is the role of emotion in our lives, and how it relates to the process of rational thought. Sounds interesting no?

Oh just me then?

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