Well then, now that I have sat down and had a brew, I feel physically and mentally prepared to write a wee bitty on something that I have been thinking about over the weekend, and for a while in general. That is the role of emotion in our lives, and how it relates to the process of rational thought. Sounds interesting no?

Oh just me then?

The way I am beginning to see it is that we have been misunderstanding what emotion actually is for a long time. (I say we, I mean me, but I wouldn’t want you to feel left out.) I always thought of expressing one’s emotions in terms of outward gestures such as smiling, frowning, blushing, writing flowery poetry or calling the chap who has just cut in front of you in the queue a right feckless neer-do-well. However, I think that might be attaching too much significance to it. These things, to me, are more like our reactions to our emotions. Emotions which are the thoughts and feelings which come to you as a result of external stimulus. (Usually.) Not your going mad and ripping the fluff out of your favourite teddy. That is a choice that you have made, and I feel that it is imperative to be aware of that distinction.

After all we are, as humans, capable of making informed decisions. And everything in our environment is a result of choices that we have made, consciously or otherwise. It is your choice to act in a manner which shows your anger or sadness or whatever, though it may not be your choice to feel the actual emotion, I feel that you have to accept responsibility for the impact of your choice to act on the feelings.

This may seem like a harsh and unforgiving view of the world, but I assure you that I know full well how hard it can be to take a step back and consider our actions before submitting to our reflexes. I also know that it can be done, no matter how strong the emotion is perceived to be.

I guess what I am saying is that in the ideal world  we would have no violent and angry confrontations and no need for any sort of animosity. It really just comes down to the awareness of the people involved. That is an area we can do something consciously to improve, and thus make the world a little more friendly a place in the process. Because emotion may have been a useful tool in decision making back before our capacity for rational thought evolved to the complexities that it has arrived at, but we are now at a point where we can chose to use it only for good, if we only realize that it is up to us.

Anyway, that is enough babbling from me for now. It is over to YOU, yes. YOU!