Hello all of you beautiful potential readers. I wish you all the fondest welcome to Polite Musings. The plan is for this humble shell of a blog to become a repository for our vast and varied collected wisdom. I envision a free place of expression, learning and sharing, just the way it ought to be. We all have a lot going on upstairs, and it is a dreadful waste for it to stay there! (Apart from that. That can stay up there.)

Have you ever been sat atop a mountain, under the bodhi tree, at the feet of your master or in the queue at the supermarket and had a bolt of inspiration that you feel like sharing? Then you are the kind of contributor we are looking for here. Anything from: Why you think that existence is a never-ending  cycle of doom and misery to Why you think that Titanic was the work of a misunderstood genius. (Hey, it could be true?)

Hopefully we will eventually have a nice little community together, and a glorious wealth of interesting stuff to mull over. Hope to catch you back here soon!